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Employee Performance Appraisal Form
Employee Performance Appraisal Form
Employee Performance Appraisal Form
Staff Name________________________________ Review Period/Year____________________
Date of Hire_______________________________ Title_________________________________
Supervisor's Name__________________________ Date of Review________________________
Definition of Ratings
Top Performer (Rating of 3)
consistently and substantially exceed requirements of the position and performs at
optimum levels of effectiveness
exhibit leadership behaviors consistent with the values and goals of the center
considered role models and used as mentors
brings new ideas or processes which benefit the center and the children
creative problem solver, implementing new ways of working to make positive
described as distinguished, remarkable, and extraordinary
exhibit exceptional quality while meeting challenging demands
Core Performer (Rating of 2)
consistently meets requirements of the position and performs satisfactorily and in a
reliable manner
successfully do their jobs
demonstrate leadership behaviors consistent with center values and goals
consistent, ongoing achievement of the established standards
described as knowledgeable and reliable
Low Performer (Rating of 1)
may inconsistently meet or fail to meet requirements and standards for the position
performance is not at expected levels and/or was not done in a way that demonstrates the
center goals and values
meets some of the minimum requirements of the position but may need to improve
performance to meet expected levels in some areas of performance
includes employees who may be new in their job and learning new skills and/or employees
who need to improve and develop in their job
immediate and sustained improvement is required for this staff
Managers of these employees should be meeting with the employee on a frequent basis.
Directions for Supervisor
Staff should be rated on based on the requirements of their job description and not
compared to other staff performance to make the appraisal more objective.
Rate staff as a 1, 2, or 3 in all categories. Most staff are Core performers and that's
ok. That means they are doing their job. Top performers always give that extra effort.
Add all Ratings to Determine the Staff Rating for the Evaluation Period.
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Employee Performance Appraisal Form