Employee Self Assessment Template - Free Download
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Employee Self Assessment Template
Employee Self Assessment Template
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Workinfo.com Free Download - 29 January 2004
Employee Self-Assessment Guidelines
What is the purpose of the Self-Assessment
Self-assessment is an important starting point for gathering input beyond the
traditional source: the “Supervisor.” The benefit is increased involvement in the
process of assessing strengths and areas in need of improvement, identify
discrepancies of performance between the employee and supervisor, and to conduct
a more constructive evaluation meeting, thus increasing commitment to career and
performance planning. Employees must be given the opportunity to complete the
self-assessment at least two weeks prior to the completion of the annual evaluation.
How to complete the Self-Assessment
At least two weeks prior to the annual evaluation meeting, employees should
complete the Employee Self-Assessment Form listed below.
When the document below is selected, a gray box will appear that asks if you
want to “open it” or “save it to a disk”. Choose the save option and save the
document to a directory on your hard drive.
The document is formatted so that when opened in Word you simply tab
through the fields entering data into each one.
Once the Self-Assessment Form is completed and printed, sign and date the
document, and submit to your supervisor one week before the annual evaluation
Meet with your supervisor to discuss your annual evaluation and the self-
assessment. The Supervisor should sign and date the self-assessment after
The Self-Assessment Form may be attached to the annual performance
evaluation, and submitted to Human Resources. (Completion of the Self-
Assessment is optional for employees.)
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Employee Self Assessment Template