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Employee Vehicle Lease Agreement
Employee Vehicle Lease Agreement
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This document sets out the terms and conditions upon which we agree to lease a vehicle and provide
vehicle management services to you.
It is important that before entering into your lease, you read this document carefully and understand all
your rights and obligations. You must also carefully read and understand the settlement annexure to this
agreement and the novation agreement all of which form part of your lease.
Additionally, you should refer to, read and understand your employer’s vehicle policy and requirements.
You should also refer to important information contained in the Novated Leasing User Guide located on
our website, at www.leaseplan.com.au
We strongly recommend that you seek appropriate advice as to the taxation implications of entering into
your lease. We do not accept responsibility for any taxation implications that may arise as a consequence
of your lease.
1. Applying for and commencing your lease
2. General nature of your lease
3. Obligation to pay monthly rentals and other payments
4. Your insurance obligations
5. Your obligations in respect of the vehicle
6. Vehicle management services
7. Termination of your lease at the scheduled expiry date
8. Early termination of your lease
9. Default under the terms of your lease
10. Security Interests
11. General terms and conditions
12. Definitions
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Employee Vehicle Lease Agreement