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Employment Letter Certificate
The Offer of Sales Employment letter is a letter which makes a written offer of employment to a
prospective employee. The written offer ensures that the terms of the offer are properly
communicated and gives the employee the terms of reference. It should be used when hiring
full-time employees and it should not be used with individuals who may be hired as independent
contractors or with temporary employees hired from an agency.
(To be written on company letterhead)
[Employee’s Name]
[City, Province, Postal Code]
Dear [Name]:
Congratulations! I am very pleased to confirm our offer of employment to join [company’s
name], as a [position title] within our [department name] effective [start date]. We believe that
you will be a fine addition to our sales team and that this represents an excellent opportunity for
As discussed, you will be a full-time employee, with a starting salary of $[base amount]. You
will be paid on a bi-weekly basis and your commissions will be paid to you on the 15
day of the
following month as per outlined in the attached commission schedule.
In addition you will be covered by our comprehensive employee benefits package (see enclosed
benefits summary] and given a business vehicle allowance reimbursement in the amount of
$[amount] per month. You will be entitled to 15 vacation days, 10 sick days and 2 personal
leave days per annum. More complete information about all of these valuable benefits and
entitlements will be provided at your benefits registration. [HR contact name] will contact you
to schedule this appointment.
You will be required to sign a Company Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement, which is
enclosed. The first 90 days of your employment will be considered probationary and provides a
means by which you and your supervisor can evaluate the suitability of this placement/or work
situation. We encourage you to use this opportunity to discuss issues and questions with your
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source: cpsa.com
Employment Letter Certificate