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Employment Reference Letter For Software Developer
Reference Letter 1
It is my great pleasure to give a recommendation of my former student, Mr. Baohua Cao, for your reference.
Having been his former research advisor, I have the opportunity to contact him closely and assess him justly
in ways with better aware of his performances and personal traits. So I hope this recommendation would be
helpful to his application.
Mr. Cao achieved outstanding performances when he studied in WUHAN University as one of my students.
He ranked top 5%, obtained specialized scholarships and series of awards, e.g. Samsung scholarship, National
scholarship, and MCM award, acquired the highest score on academic innovation in his institute, achieved the
best master thesis award, and published several good papers in the domain of uncertain artificial intelligence.
Mr. Cao also had a studious and wonderful time when he worked in IBM China Research Lab as a scientific
researcher. He obtained professional trainings for being an IBM researcher, owned several technical patents,
completed some star projects in Cloud Computing, and achieved IBM research awards, such as patent plateau
award, innovation catalyst award and outstanding achievement award. To be an aspirant scholar, Mr. Cao gave
up his job in China and came to USC for his further study. I believe he will continue his good performance as
he always does.
As to personal characters, through my association with Mr. Cao, I found him diligent, self-motivated, morally
upright and easy-going. Mr. Cao never complained and overcame difficulties with passion and optimism.
Considering Mr. Cao’s academic endeavor and personal characters, I am pleased to recommend him for your
consideration on his application. If you have any question about Mr. Cao, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Dr. Deyi Li
Professor of Tsinghua University
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Director of Cloud Computing Experts Association of Chinese Institute of Electronics
Director of China Information Science Department of NSF (National Science Foundation)
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source: scf.usc.edu
Employment Reference Letter For Software Developer