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Entry Level Chemical Engineer Resume
EXAMPLE 3: Chemist With Postdoctoral Experience
Reagan R. Randolph
1835 Eisenhower Circle
Albuquerque NM 87185
OBJECTIVE To use my creativity in new instrumentation for analyzing biologically
important materials to assist in the research & development lab of your
SUMMARY Developed new techniques for the analysis of biomolecules
Extensive experience characterizing RNA samples
Strong background in ultrafast laser spectroscopy
Investigated interfacial phenomena by using new spectroscopic techniques
EDUCATION PhD, Chemistry, University of Chicago (IL), 2011
Thesis title: “Studies of Structure and Dynamics of Liquid Supported Monolayers”
Advisor: Professor Wilson Albright
MS, Chemistry, University of Chicago (IL), 2008
BS, Chemistry, University of Southern Florida (Tampa) 2006
Thesis title: “Photochemistry and Photophysics of Cyclopropylphenols”
Advisor: Professor Stuart Anthony
RESEARCH Postdoctoral Fellow, Sandia National Laboratory (Albuquerque NM),
EXPERIENCE 2011-present
Developed novel signal amplification for detecting and sizing single RNA samples
Designed and implemented an efficient system for the mass spectrometric
separation and identification of individual molecules
Research Assistant, University of Chicago (IL), 2006-2011
Advisor: Professor Wilson Albright
Maintained operational responsibility for Professor Albright's laser facility for the
measurement of ultrafast kinetics of chemical phenomena in bulk liquid and at air-
water interfaces
Investigated the molecular properties, orientation, kinetics, and relaxation
phenomena at liquid and solid interfaces by nonlinear optical techniques
Led Advanced Physical Chemistry and Optical Methods of Analysis laboratories
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Entry Level Chemical Engineer Resume