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Entry Level School Resume
Entry Level School Resume
CHS Culminating Project Program 2012-2013
Resume AssignmentGrade 10
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Resume AssignmentGrade 10
High school students should have a resume prepared to obtain a part-time job. A resume is essential because it shows
a brief summary of your education, experiences and skills. This assignment will help you write an entry-level resume,
even if you don’t have any prior work experience. Please note, next year you will learn how to modify your resume for
college admissions since some college recruiters want to see a brief history of your education, experiences and
Your high school resume should be ONE PAGE and includes the following personal information:
Personal Information Heading
The heading should be at the top of your resume which includes your personal information (name, address, and
telephone number). In addition, you can list an e-mail address but only if it sounds professional. An example of the
standard email address format used is FirstnameLastname@email.com. Do NOT use an e-mail address such as
An objective lets potential employers know your main goal. If you want to get a part-time job, you should create your
objective to match that particular job and business. An example would be "To obtain a part-time barista position with
In the education section, list Curtis High School, University Place, WA” and the anticipated graduation date (ie: June
2013). If you moved, you should also list any high schools that you attended prior to Curtis High School. Include your
GPA if it is a 3.0 or higher.
Work Experience
The work experience section should briefly give an overview of work experience that has taught you valuable skills. In
this section, include: title of position, business name, location (city and state), dates of employment, and description
of work responsibilities. Since many high school sophomore students do not have any work experience, you can
leave this section out and focus on volunteer work and/or extracurricular activities which would highlight important
Volunteer Experience
The volunteer experience section should briefly give an overview of volunteer experience and community service that
has taught you valuable skills. In this section, include: name of organization, location (city and state), dates of volunteer
work, and description of responsibilities.
Awards and Certificates
The awards and certificates section should list no more than 4 academic honors, academic awards and recognitions
that you received during high school.
Extracurricular Activities
The extracurricular activities section should be used to place key elements of your background that don't fit in any other
section. You may want to include school-related activities (ie: leadership roles, participation in sports, band, yearbook,
etc.) This section is where you can demonstrate your unique skills.
It’s best to not include your reference information on your resume, but to attach a separate Reference Sheet. You
should have three references available. Be sure to ask people if they would serve as your reference before you give
their names out.
Once your resume is complete, proofread everything to make sure there are NO mistakes. It is highly
recommended you have someone else read your resume to look for errors, typos and grammar mistakes.
Any mistakes are usually the first things an employer looks for to eliminate you from the hiring process.
Final Note: Remember to never lie on your resume.
Any non-truths stated on your resume could result in immediate firing and will ruin your reputation.
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Entry Level School Resume