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Entry Level Waitress Resume
Entry Level Waitress Resume
826 Rosetree Ln., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 | C: 859-630-8823 | neriya.servant@gmail.com
I am a freshman marketing and economics double major in The Fisher School of Business. I am currently
extremely ambitious and have both local and international business goals; however, I'm focused on
getting more experience as of now. Being a leader gives me intrinsic satisfaction, and in high school I
found this in Model UN and by being the business manager for the school paper. I was in charge of
marketing, the ad sales team, fundraising and event planning for the paper, and I hope to find similar
positions and internships during college to increase my professional skills.
Real business and philanthropic Quill & Scroll Honor Journalism
leadership Society award
Managed more than $8,000 dollar Service experience in Guatemala
budget for school paper ~35 hours of community service
Microsoft Office & In Design per year
proficient Highly motivated
Spanish speaker
08/2013 to 06/2015
Business Manager
The Chatterbox Paper - Cincinnati, Ohio
We were in debt when I applied to be promoted from writer to business
manager, so it was a hard decision to say the least. I loved the fact that rather
than my performance being determined by a grade, it was determined by the
success of the group. We could not print if i didn't find the funds, and no one
would read the paper if we did not market ourselves correctly. While I was
business manager, we increased our printing frequency and ended with a profit
for the first time in years. We also increased our readership and hopefully left
the current leaders with a more smoothly running paper.
06/2013 to 08/2015
Aroma Sushi - Cincinnati, Ohio
Working in the restaurant business taught me more than I ever expected,
from time management between shifts and school to the dynamics between
employees and management, I gained many applicable skills working here.
I was hired as a busboy, but learned the other positions by covering coworkers
shifts and quickly became a trusted employee. Before I left for college, I was
learning about planning their large events, their marketing strategies, and
partnerships with local delivery start-ups, and I hope to go back and manage
their store during the summer.
Bachelor of Science: Marketing & Economics
The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH, United States
Minor in Spanish
Media and Marketing Scholars Program
On the marketing board for the Resident Hall Advisory Council
Member of Fisher Real Estate Society
Walnut Hills High School - Cincinnati,
Ohio, United States
Graduated Cum Laude
A Honor Role 2013-2015, GPA: 3.76, 4.56 weighted
AP Scholar 2014,2015, 32 ACT
National Spanish Exam Silver Medal
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Entry Level Waitress Resume