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Environmental Compliance Checklist Template Page 3
Environmental Compliance Checklist Template
Are only authorised
discharges to surface
water or controlled waters
being made
no N/A
Are good housekeeping
procedures being followed
to avoid unnecessary
consumption of water
Yes Were possible
replace defective
taps with sensor/
percussion taps.
Monitor water
Automatic Meter
Monitoring in place &
consumption reports can
be generated PIR water
flushing sensors to male
urinals. Toilet cisterns
have Dual or reduced
flushing capacity. Some
sites have grey water
harvesting systems.
sensor spray taps fitted to
new building.
Air Emissions
Is there any waste being
burnt on site
No Not applicable Not applicable
Has all equipment been
checked to ensure there
are no unnecessary
emissions to air
No Not applicable Not applicable
Are all chemical
substances and fuel being
stored appropriately
Yes Review pollution
control and
spillage kit
Chemical substances are
stored in well ventilated
lockable rooms.
Is all pollution control
equipment working
effectively eg Bunding
No Ensure adequate
bunding is
This issue is being
addressed; Bunding/drip
trays are manufactured/
Are spill kits present and
Supply spillage
kits appropriate
for the activity
Partially achieved-spillage
kits are available in some
Are all hazardous or
contaminated materials
being disposed of
Yes Check that
hazardous waste
is disposed of in
accordance with
Copies of hazardous
waste consignment notes
are kept in estates and
available for inspection
Is there any evidence of
past unreported spills
Are all necessary
employees aware and
knowledgeable of spill
Raise student
Lecturers / technicians
are aware of procedures.
Are all chemicals being
stored and handled in
accordance with the
product data sheets and/or
guidance information
Yes Review COSHH
data annually
Up to date COSHH data
sheets available
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source: nptcgroup.ac.uk
Environmental Compliance Checklist Template