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Event Flyer Template 2
Event Flyer Template 2
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
Event Name
Paragraph describing event.
Who who can participate
Location location of event, with address
Date date of event
Time time of event
Cost cost of event
Min, max minimum number of participants, maximum number of participants
Registration closes what is the last date they can register
Contact who should people contact for more information, please include all
relevant contact information
Registration Form
(Information requested on this form can be changed if necessary)
Girl Scout name _________________________________________________________________
Troop number ________________________ Leader name ___________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________
City, state, ZIP ___________________________________________________________________
Phone (________) _______________________________________________________________
Cost per person is $*.
# of girls x $* = $ __________
# of adults x $* = $ __________
Total amount enclosed = $ __________
Please make checks payable to Girl Scout of Central Indiana.
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Event Flyer Template 2