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Event Management Proposal Template
Copy written for Julia Charles Event Management
48 Victoria Street
Milton Keynes
MK12 5HJ
Julia Charles Event Management Ltd is an innovative events production company with over 8 years experience
expertise in tailoring events to minimise the draw on our clients time and budget resources whilst maximising
the benefits.
Mission Statement
Julia Charles Event Management Ltd has grown by fulfilling the single aim of providing our clients with the
utmost satisfaction time and time again.
Please find below the costings for your event. Please note that all of the figures below are estimates based on
our experience on previous events, and are subject to site survey, set design approval and all local criteria
being met.
An accompanying brief document will give you more of a pictorial idea of what we have achieved for other
clients in the past.
No allowance is being made for crew accommodation or catering at this point.
Your Contact on this event will be
Full Name: Michael Charles
Telephone: 01908 969 322
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Event Management Proposal Template