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Event Management Proposal Template
Copy written for Julia Charles Event Management
48 Victoria Street
Milton Keynes
MK12 5HJ
Other Information:
The overall price includes the underwater speaker plus a choice of costumes from the our selection.
The client will be responsible for covering the appropriate travel expenses of the athlete/s and
The client will be responsible for arranging and covering appropriate accommodation for the athletes,
coach and engineer.
Logistical implications to be considered:
Water supply
The costs detailed above do not include water supply costs. A water supply will be required at the venue in
order to fill the water tank – ideally this would be in the form of a water hydrant so that tank could be
filled quickly. A conventional water supply will suffice but the tank will take much longer to fill.
Alternatively, a water supply can be supplied along with the tank at an additional cost.
Water heating
The tank will be filled with cold water which will need to be heated prior to the Sync Tank performance.
Once the water tank is in position, please allow a 24hr period prior to the start of you event to fill and heat
the tank. This timeframe is subject to final confirmation of the water tank required and is site dependent
as it may be possible to complete this process in a much shorter timeframe.
The water will need to be drained prior to removal of the tank. The time required for this will be dependent
on the venue.
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Event Management Proposal Template