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Event Management Proposal Template
Copy written for Julia Charles Event Management
48 Victoria Street
Milton Keynes
MK12 5HJ
We can incorporate both the synchronized swimmers and the free runners in to one unique never been seen
before show. The swimmer will start the show with an elegant swimming routine for the 1
ten minutes once
they have finished the tempo will change dramatically as the free running athletes introduce themselves with a
fast paced modern acrobatic show which is guaranteed to leave the audience in awe.
Each act will take turns in performing as to make up time but we could have both acts doing there final peace
together as the grand finale
Free runners
Free running has taken the world by storm so why not take your event by storm to with our amazing free
They perform jumps summersaults and all sorts of high flying intense acrobatics that push the human body to
the limits
The free runners really do make an event special for anyone watching
We can bring apparatuses to your venue or prior to the event choreograph an
improvised show using the surroundings.
£ TBC plus vat per athlete per “live “day
£ TBC plus vat per athlete per none “live “day (including travel days and rehearsal days)
£TBC plus vat for Ez to recce and help choreograph the display
Apparatuses £TBC depending on logistics
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