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Event Management Proposal Template Page 6
Event Management Proposal Template
Copy written for Julia Charles Event Management
48 Victoria Street
Milton Keynes
MK12 5HJ
Below is a running time to give you an indication of how your event can run
1pm – show starts – swimmers bespoke 10 minutes
1.10 – free runners 10 min introduction display
1.20 – swimmers 10 minute bespoke set
1.30 - free runners 10 minute jam set
1.40 – sync swimmers solo set 5 minutes
1.45 - free runners intense impact show 5 minutes
1.50 – second solo swimmer set 5 minutes
1.55 – walk about acts 10-15 minutes to allow for intermission and break for the athletes
2.10- sync swimmers 10 min bespoke routine
2.20- free runners jam set
2.30 bespoke show with swimmers and free runners together. 5 minutes of swimmers
and 3- minutes max for impact show and then further 5 minutes with swimmers
2.45 show ends walk about acts start interacting with the audience for 10-15 minutes as
guests leave
These running times are as an indication and are not confirmed but this will give you an
idea of how the show can work
Refreshments for performer
Parking on site for performer
Suitable changing area for performer
Assistance with unloading any heavy props
1 Meter by 1 meter for each tree to perform in
If you take the shows hand held mics will be required
Training time may also be required
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Event Management Proposal Template