Simple Event Planning Template - Free Download
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Simple Event Planning Template
Event Planning Template 1
Event planning template
Name of event – what
(building opening, sports day, art show, launch of new
Date of event
Time of event
Location of event
Event coordinator/contact person
Target audience – who
Who is this promotion targeted at
What does the audience need to know
What will hold their interest
Message – what
What do you want to say to the target audience
What do you want them to know/do
Objectives – why
Be clear about what you hope to achieve with this event.
Description of event – what
Risk assessment – what
Identify possible risks and develop strategies to
minimise risks.
Evaluation criteria established
What were our aims/objectives
Did we achieve what we set out to do
Did it come in on budget
What were the intended/unintended outcomes
How do we measure effectiveness
What tools do we use to measure our success
Who will be involved in the event
Date/s of event determined
Location/venue for event booked
Target audience determined
Message determined
Objectives set
Risk assessment completed
Evaluation criteria established
DECS Strategic Communications informed/involved
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Simple Event Planning Template