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It is essential that your event has a recycling plan in place and that it is carried out. For small
community events, this could be as simple as labelling some bins to encourage people to separate
their waste into plastic bottles, paper, etc and then taking these to the appropriate recycling centres.
Larger events will need to show that they have a recycling strategy or are employing a professional
recycling organisational to manage recycling on the day.
Make sure your concessions and food suppliers have appropriate policies and procedures in place
for providing biodegradable containers and systems for the disposing of dirty water, cooking oil
Think through how you will encourage people to separate their waste. Contaminated recyclables
may have to be sent to landfill.
How will you keep the site clear of waste Will this be done by stewards or volunteers
Document your recycling plans for your event here.
If your event has the potential to cause noise nuisance to nearby residents, your plans will have to
be approved by the noise pollution team. The things most likely to cause noise nuisance include live
music stages, fun fairs and public address systems.
Think about noise nuisance when you choose your event location.
Larger events that have a music stage will always have to employ a professional sound engineer
and must agree sound levels with our noise pollution team.
Provide nearby residents with an event day contact in case they need to make a noise complaint.
Please list the elements of your event that could cause noise nuisance and document the plans you
have in place to minimise it.
Severe weather and event cancellation
Consider any weather conditions which may lead your event being cancelled and how you will
manage this.
How will you let people know if the event has to be cancelled
Do you need insurance coverage for cancellation reasons such as thunderstorms, water logged
ground etc
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