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All electrical installations, even temporary ones, must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations
1989. Any event that has electrical supply included must have a competent electrician sign off the
installation before the event starts.
If you are including electrical supply as part of your event, please provide details here.
Fire safety at your event
You must include the risk of fire in your event risk assessment. You must show that you have:
Identified the fire hazards, i.e. sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen
Identified people at risk within and surrounding your site and those at highest risk
Evaluated the risk of a fire occurring and evaluate the risk to people should a fire occur
Remove or reduce fire hazards and removed or reduced the risks to people
Considered detection and warning, fire fighting, escape routes, signs and notices, lighting,
Recorded significant findings and action taken
Prepared an emergency plan
Informed and instructed relevant people and provided training
Reviewed and revised your assessment where necessary
Useful resources for fire safety planning include Fire Safety Risk Assessment – open air events and
venues and Guide to Fire Precautions in Existing Places of Entertainment and Like Premises.
Please document how you have addressed the key areas of the fire risk assessment process listed
Inflatable play equipment
You will need approval for any bouncy castles, rides or fun fairs at your event.
Before approval is granted for inflatable play equipment, you will need to make sure:
The operator can provide a copy of the current PIPA test certificate for the equipment.
The operator carries out the daily checks on the equipment as required by EIS7
You know when the equipment was last fully inspected
You get full instructions on its SAFE operation
The equipment is clearly marked with limitations of use (maximum user height etc.)
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