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Example Appraisal Letter Template
Example Appraisal Letter Template
Appraisal Letter
Date: _________,
Name of the employee
Designation _____________
Dear Mr. Ms. ____________,
Last year went with a lot of growth and achievements at Company name including
(some growth/ achievement data). The future holds a lot of promise and we are
happy to have you as part of our team.
We are happy with your performance and are equally pleased to share that you have
been promoted to
(Name of the position) _______________ with immediate effect. Your new
compensation structure is as follows:
Compensation Head
Compensation in INR
Basic + D.A.
Conveyance Allowance
Medical Reimbursement
Food Allowance
Retirement Benefit
Subtotal of Annual Salary
Employer contribution to
Annual Total
The raise in your salary would be applicable from (prescribed date)
Your next compensation review will come up in ________________. We look
forward to even greater contribution from you in the future
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Example Appraisal Letter Template