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Example Commemorative Speech
Commemorative Speech
Good evening ladies and gentlemen and fellow students. We are gathered here
this evening to celebrate the graduation of Rockmart High School’s class of 2006. We
have already come a long way, but there are still miles and miles ahead of us. We
survived a lot to get here. We survived the grueling class hours, the teachers, and the
mountains of homework. We also survived the five bomb threats we had this year, and
the lockdown that came with them. We could not have survived this far without our
parents to back us up. They were there to encourage us to believe that we could achieve
what we set out to do. It was our parent’s support that gave us hope when we were down
and struggling. It is for these reasons that today’s victory also belongs to our parents.
Together we stand here on the edge of time itself looking to the future. Now we must
seize the future and strive to be excellent. As for me, I miss all my friends and all the cool
teachers. I will miss people accidentally setting themselves on fire in Ag Mechanics
class. I will miss the morning TV show with Bryce’s Safari Adventure. I will miss the
Friday night football games, and all the other sports. Even a part of me will miss the
bomb threats. Earlier I called this a high school, but it is more like an airport terminal
with hundreds of planes. As we each go to board a plane we wonder, “Where will it take
us”, but one thing is for sure once we depart each of us will soar high, fast, and far
towards the horizon.
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Example Commemorative Speech