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Example Of Certificate Of Employment
Example Of Certificate Of Employment
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Management and
Organisation Development
Management and
Organisation Development
We, undersigned Company X. (Switzerland), hereby attest that:
Mr. XXXX, born on xx/xx/xxxx,
has been employed in our company since August 2
On July 1
2008, Mr. XXXX was promoted to the position of Regional Manager for Western
Switzerland and Tessin and has been, since then, a member of the national Board of
Directors. He is in charge of the budget and performance of 5 Departments (Sales,
Operations, Customer Service, Telesales and Telemarketing). Moreover, Mr. XXXX is active
in the acquisition of new customers and of market prospection. He is also in charge, given
his position, of negotiating the terms of sales contracts with key customers, as well as of
winning new contracts. In certain occasions, he has been entrusted with the management of
projects related to the optimization of workflows.
Mr. XXXX is also in charge of making decisions on the implementation of the price and
discount policies. He sets up and approves budgets for all his subsidiaries (turnover, costs
and personnel expenses), sets the goals and strategies of the Sales Department, identifies
and implements corrective actions in case of a deviation from initial budget targets.
To do so, Mr. XXXX implements in each subsidiary in Western Switzerland and Tessin, an
auditing procedure (delivered services, performance and financial results) that he performs
on a monthly basis. He then issues a report to the Board of Directors.
For information on his occupations prior to July 1
2008, we refer you to the intermediary
certificate issued on January 21
Mr. XXXX has a pleasant and outgoing personality. He has succeeded in developing
excellent relationships with his team and colleagues, as well as with the customers in his
region. Mr. XXXX takes initiatives and accomplishes his tasks with much enthusiasm and
motivation. We appreciate his willingness to reach the goals that are set to him. Mr. XXXX is
loyal towards his employer. He faithfully passes on the messages and guidelines issued by
the Board of Directors.
This intermediary certificate of employment is issued following the merger of the Regional
Boards for all of Switzerland and their regrouping in Zurich as of February 1
2011. We take
advantage of this opportunity to thank Mr. XXXX for the excellence and quality of the work
he has accomplished within our company and wish him all the best for both his professional
and personal future.
Geneva, October 15
COMPANY X. (Switzerland)
CEO Chief HR Officer
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Example Of Certificate Of Employment