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Example Project Budget Template
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Sample Categories and Metrics
The following list provides ideas on the types of metrics that could be reported. This list is not
exhaustive by any means, but may help provide additional ideas for your project.
Sample Metrics
Cost Actual cost vs. budget (variance) for project, for phase, for activity, etc.
Total support costs for x months after solution is completed
Total labor costs vs. non labor (vs. budget)
Total cost of employees vs. contract vs. consultant (vs. budget)
Cost associated with building components for reuse
Total cost per transaction
Ideas for cost reductions implemented, and cost savings realized
Effort Actual effort vs. budget (variance)
Amount of project manager time vs. overall effort hours
Duration Actual duration vs. budget (variance)
Difficult to measure
accurately unless function
points are counted.
Effort hours per unit of work/function point
Work units/function points produced per effort hour
Effort hours reduced from standard project processes
Effort hours saved through reuse of previous deliverables, models, components,
Number of process improvement ideas implemented
Number of hours/dollars saved from process improvements
Quality of
Percentage of deliverables going through quality reviews
Percentage of deliverable reviews resulting in acceptance the first time
Number of defects discovered after initial acceptance
Percentage of deliverables that comply 100% with organization standards
Percentage of deliverables that comply with organization architectural standards
Number of customer change requests to revise scope
Number of hours of rework to previously completed deliverables
Number of best practices identified and applied on the project
Number of risks that were successfully mitigated
Overall customer satisfaction (survey) with deliverables in terms of:
Minimal defects
Response time
Ease of use
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Example Project Budget Template