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Executive Resume Sample For HR VP
Executive Resume Sample For HR VP
Dallas, Texas 75248 oliviaagrayson@tx.rr.com (214) 555-4461
~ A Practical Thinker who Pioneers HR Programs that Enhance Revenue Growth and Profitability
while Creating Employee-Friendly, Safe, and Productive Work Environments. ~
Personable, Analytical, and Cost-Conscious Senior-Level Executive offering broad-based experience providing
excellence in human resources leadership. Considerable expertise creating innovative benefit and wellness programs, developing
leading-edge training programs, and implementing the strategic HR function for high-growth organizations.
Superior project management, implementation, follow-up, negotiation, and consensus-building skills. Able to keep a diverse group
of strong sales leaders on track. Extremely focused on creating training that delivers an above-average ROI.
Proven ability to investigate and resolve highly complex and sensitive workforce complaints and ensure internal and regulatory
compliance. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, ADP/HRB, Ultimate Software Payroll/HRMS. MBTI Certified.
Developing & Executing Strategic HR Goals Implementing HR Management System Upgrades
Communicating & Administering HR Policies & Programs Providing Advice/Counsel to Senior Management & Staff
Spearheading Key Projects, Initiatives & Rollouts Serving as a Chief Spokesperson In Labor Relations
Providing Employee Training & Support Ensuring Regulatory Compliance with State & Federal Laws
Initiated and developed a groundbreaking benefit and wellness program at Colemont that fostered a healthy lifestyle
culture and significantly reduced claim costs.
Innovated a cutting-edge broker development program that positioned Colemont as a choice employer, significantly
enhanced the company’s ability to attract top talent, and altogether changed the recruitment process.
Twice managed the integration of data from multiple companies into a centralized online repository… integrated 8
companies’ data for Marketing Specialists Sales Company and 3 companies’ data for BenefitMall.
Parlayed knowledge from previous Fortune 500 experience to successfully create and implement best-in-class HR
functions in 3 expanding companies (Goldrich Brokerage Group, Premier Benefits, and Cheshire Marketing Company) and lay
the framework for enhanced profitability, organizational growth, talent acquisition, and retention.
Goldrich Brokerage Group, Carrollton, Texas 2001–2010
~ Full service, wholesale insurance broker generating $1 billion in annual premium volume. ~
Recruited to build and launch the corporate HR function for growing organization. Managed an annual payroll budget of $40.9
million and a departmental budget of $600,000. Provided strategic support and coaching to the CEO, executives, and
management on employee, regulatory, and business issues. Developed a competency-based performance management process.
Directed payroll systems initiatives. Developed a multi-faceted lead generation and nurturing program. Chaired the 401(k) Review
Committee. Developed and presented Harassment and Discrimination Awareness and Prevention training.
Created the Broker Development Program that resulted in 100% of new hires meeting or exceeding their initial sales
goals and generating an additional $45 million/annually in new revenue.
Played a key role in growing the company from $500 million in premiums to $1 billion and in driving programs that led to
its outstanding reputation in the industry, both of which contributed to the company’s quick sale despite the tough economy.
Initiated and launched a cutting-edge wellness program that led to a 4% reduction in insurance claims.
Lowered insurance costs by boosting employee’s use of in-network providers to 95% in 2009—from 50% in 2002.
Saved the company $180,000 by sourcing a new wellness-plan broker and negotiating a favorable contract.
Reduced workforce complaints by 95% over a 5-year period by developing & implementing leadership-training initiatives.
Increased efficiency, accuracy, and access to real-time information, while saving $85,000 annually, by implementing a
Web-based Payroll/HRIS integrated system that housed benefits and wage information in a centralized repository.
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Executive Resume Sample For HR VP