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Executive Summary
Starbucks has been one of the major supplies of coffee to the American public for several years.
The store prides itself on selling the freshest coffee for the most reasonable price possible, which
turns out to be some of the most expensive coffee out there.
After reading the two articles assigned for our RPW 215 class and researching Starbucks’ most
recent tactics, it is evident that Starbucks still employs some of the same rhetorical tactics that it
did almost a decade ago when these articles were written. For example, Starbucks sells not just
coffee but a “natural” atmosphere which contradicts the city setting where most of the stores are
Starbucks’ attempts to save the environment have gone under much scrutiny and have raised
several questions about the true intent of the company. However, the company still does
extremely well and has several loyal customers. Even with scrutiny from several groups and
individuals, Starbucks’ rhetorical tactics have still made it a successful business.
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Executive Summary Example 2