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Executive Summary Template 1
Peter Theil, CEO:Peter's experience with venture finance began in the 1990s, when he ran Thiel
Capital Management, a Menlo Park-based hedge fund that also made private equity investments.
Peter's experience in finance includes managing a successful hedge fund, trading derivatives at CS
Financial Products, and practicing securities law at Sullivan & Cromwell. Peter received his BA in
Philosophy and his JD from Stanford.
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This section consists of one or two paragraphs or a handful of bullet points that describe the economics of
the business. Items to highlight include the fixed and variable costs required to run the business, the
projected customer growth, the projected number months to breakeven, the projected of number of months to
positive cash flow, and the overall profit potential. Ideally, some elements of this information may be
summarized in graph or table form.
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Funding Required
This section details the amount of funding the organization requires, how those funds will be used, and the
milestones the organization hopes to achieve using the funds.
For example:
PayPal is currently seeking $5M in Series B funding. These funds will be used to finance the
development and acquisition of payment processing infrastructure in 2000Q1, creation of
marketing and training collateral to drive merchant and customer adoption in 2000Q2. At the
conclusion of these activities, the company expects to in a position to begin processing
transactions by 2000Q3.
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