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Exiting Employee Checklist Template
Exiting Employee Checklist Template
Exiting Employee Checklist
Checklist is completed by the supervisor of the terminating employee.
Checklist is approved and signed by the department head.
Checklist is completed prior to the terminating employee’s last day of work.
Send the completed signed checklist to your Human Resources Consultant.
Employee Name:
Position: Last Day of Work:
U Number:
Type of Termination
Employee provides resignation letter, send copy to the Human Resources Consultant
Verbal resignation, supervisor should provide to employee confirmation of
resignation in writing, send copy to Human Resources Consultant
Department/SAP Info
Determine effective date of resignation
The Timekeeper will run time evaluation (SAP Transaction PT60) through the end of the
month in which the employee is terminating. The vacation “Remaining Balance” in SAP
transaction PT50 reflects the correct balance to be paid to the employee upon separation.
The timekeeper will provide the balance information to the Payroll Coordinator.
The Payroll Coordinator will complete the Termination Form on SAP and submit.
Inform employee to contact Human Resources Consultant regarding Benefits status
If employee is on H-1 Visa, notify HR and ISSO
Departments will submit the vacancy for posting through Org. Management (OM) in
Manager Self Service (MSS) on SAP
Access Information
Yes N/A
Disable email account
Remove employee’s name from:
email group lists
distribution lists
internal/office phone list
building directory
Close computer access
Disable Access to SAP
Change or transfer phone extension
Change voicemail
Deactivate long distance access code
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Exiting Employee Checklist Template