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Expeirenceultrasound Technician Resume
Expeirenceultrasound Technician Resume
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Shreveport Radiology Residency Program
Ultrasound Curriculum, Goals and Objectives
Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Duties and Expectations:
Welcome to the Ultrasound service. During your rotation through Ultrasound, you will
obtain both skill and confidence in performing and interpreting Ultrasound examinations.
You should get as much hands on experience performing the examinations as reasonably
allowable, considering time constraints, number of patients, etc. We encourage you to be
in the room with the ultrasound technologist as frequently as possible to further enhance
your learning of ultrasound and to better provide care for the patients.
Your day begins with the 7:30 am conference. Following this conference, you should
report to the ultrasound reading room. At that point, the examinations performed the
previous evening/overnight should be reviewed. These should have a preliminary report
provided by the resident on call. You will pick up these preliminary reports from the US
Box in the Dept. Office. These examinations should be reviewed with the attending
faculty assigned that day and then dictated. The schedule of examinations for the day
should be reviewed with the sonographers and any protocol questions discussed with
faculty. At noon, you will attend the daily noon conference. You will be given time off
before to get your lunch. Following the conference, you should return to the ultrasound
reading room and check in with the ultrasound technologists to check on the afternoon
schedule and for any emergency examinations performed over the lunch/conference hour
or any upcoming studies.
If you are new to Ultrasound, you need to spend time observing the sonographers
performing examinations initially and later gain more scanning experience yourself. The
general flow through this section is as follows:
a. The sonographers (or residents) perform an examination.
b. The sonographers send images to the PACS.
c. The images are reviewed by the resident and/or staff member, when possible.
d. The physician then scans any areas in question, based on the sonographers’
images, to complete the examination. (as requested by sonographers)
e. The mornings are generally reserved for scanning and the afternoons are for
We have ongoing readout case-by-case throughout the day. You will dictate
examinations with which you are involved. Because you need experience scanning as
well as interpreting, you will be involved in different cases at different levels.
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source: lsuhscshreveport.edu
Expeirenceultrasound Technician Resume