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Experience Bank Teller Resume
How to Create a Winning Resume
One of the most important documents you will create in your professional career is your resume. You
need to spend time thinking about it and creating it to leverage your chances for the best job or internship.
v Use narrow margins on all sides.
v Limit your resume to one page unless you have many years of experience.
v If you have a permanent address and a school address, it is best to show both on the top of the resume.
v Your "Career Objective" statement should be specific. For example, indicate public accounting, private
company accounting, cost accounting, government accounting, not-for-profit accounting, auditing, tax.
v It is important to list your overall GPA and your major GPA separately.
v Indicate when you will have completed 150 hours.
v Indicate when you plan to sit for the CPA Exam.
v List any other degrees held from other universities or community colleges (make sure this information
follows the current information).
v Special Skills should be listed, but make sure they are special. For example list computer software that
you are skilled at.
v For your work experiences, limit your explanation of duties to no more than 2 points, and often no
explanation is needed unless it relates to accounting or management experience.
v In the area of awards, you need to specify which semester(s) and years, not just 2002, for example.
v For clubs and organizations, indicate your role, then the organization, i.e., member – Beta Alpha Psi, fall
2002-present or President – Alpha Kappa Psi (other officer positions - member since September 2002).
v Personal Interests is important. This gives you and the interviewer an opportunity to discuss other
dimensions of your life. You will be relaxed as well.
v For references, list name, title, organization, phone number with area code, and email.
v It is ok to list more than one item on a line. Remember as little white space as possible.
v Have lots of white page showing.
v Have a section on "related courses." Rather, I believe you should simply place "AACSB Accredited"
following the university name.
v No more than 3 references.
v Do not list address of references.
v Do not put "Available on Request" unless there is no room for references. This should be a last resort.
v No high school information.
The following are example of a good resumes for a job, when you have an undergraduate degree in
accounting (or are in the process of obtaining the degree):
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source: careers.cua.edu
Experience Bank Teller Resume