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Instructions to applicant :
Please fill in as much relevant information as possible and delete all unnecessary items (please
delete or replace all blue comments and guidelines and make sure all your entries are coloured in
If there is a gap due to working in non-software projects or other reasons, please fill in the gaps
with a one-line comment. If detail work experience does not match total work experience, your
resume will be rejected.
If you work on two or more projects concurrently, indicate how many % of your work time is spent
on each project at the same time period.
Only resume in this format will be used for evaluation for suitability of interview. Resumes in other
formats will not be considered and automatically rejected.
Once you completely filled in the resume, rename this file to your full name and e-mail it to our
HR officer-in-charge or your recruitment agent, whoever is applicable. In your e-mail subject
please indicate the position you applied for as indicated in this resume. (E.g. C++ Software
Note that this template is for experienced applicants with 6 months or more working experience in
software development. If you have less than that amount of experience, please get the fresh grad
template from our HR officer or your recruitment agent.
Guidelines on your activities in project (delete after you understand this to reduce clutter):
Each activity indicates the man-hours that you spent on this project as a percentage to the total
project duration indicated by you. So all the activities adds up becomes the sum of your project
involvement which should be 100%
Mgmt : Management activities.
General project meetings; planning schedule and resources; setting up development environment;
attending training and miscellaneous activities.
For leaders, this includes managing your sub-ordinates; mentoring them and any general
management activities.
Req : Requirement activities.
Discussing project requirements with your superiors or customers; creating requirement
proposals; doing use/business case diagrams and use/business case descriptions; analysing
requirements’ documenting requirements; and presenting or review requirements.
For leaders, this includes managing, reviewing and approving your sub-ordinates’ requirement
and requirement activities.
Des : Design activities.
Discussing design with your superiors or customers; working on actual design; translating use
cases to sequence, class or other design diagrams; analysing design documenting design; and
presenting or review design.
For leaders, this includes managing, reviewing and approving your sub-ordinates’ design and
design activities.
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Experienced Software Engineer Resume