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Experienced Technical Writer Resume
Experienced Technical Writer Resume
JX Bell
(415) 462-0558
Mailing address: 2261 Market St. #500, SF, CA 94114
JX Bell is a technical writer with decades of experience in technical communication. He has written software virtually his entire
life. He is passionate about learning complex topics, understanding people, and communicating clearly. Clients appreciate that
he learns fast and explains well. JX has a sharp eye for usable APIs and good system architecture. Available for contract
positions or permanent roles in the San Francisco area. Read the top-notch recommendations for JX from previous clients at the
end of this resume.
JX does consulting work as an employee of JX Consulting, INC, a California Subchapter S Corporation. All JX Consulting, INC
contracts are corp-to-corp, so clients avoid 1099 independent consultant tax and benefits issues. JX Consulting, INC handles
general liability insurance, W-2 paperwork, W-2 payroll, and benefits. Contracts are straightforward hourly consulting contract
Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, VMS, Newton OS, Palm OS.
Languages and Formats: Java, Gosu, FrameScript, C, C++, BASIC, Visual Basic (VB/VBA), Perl, CFML (ColdFusion),
AppleScript, NewtonScript, Pascal, FORTRAN, Prolog, Lisp, Scheme, 68000 Assembler, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Visual
Software: Adobe FrameMaker, Quadralay WebWorks, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver,
FreeHand, Fireworks, Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, ColdFusion, Perforce, BBEdit, RoboHelp, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and more.
Dartmouth College
Bachelors degree, 1993. Full double major in Computer Science and Religion, Hanover, NH, with additional study at
University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Awarded the Dartmouth Kemeny Computing Prize for coding style and design.
Marin NLP
Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Master Certification, 2006
Senior API Technical Writer Consultant and API Design Consultant @ Paxata Inc
Wrote API documentation for RESTful web service APIs that control data manipulation and data preparation at a massive
distributed scale. The project involved Apache Hadoop, HDFS connection configuration, REST/RESTful APIs, Cloud
deployment with multi-tenant configuration, MongoDB, Git, and Paxata Server. Wrote new content for the separate Installation
Guide, including documenting new features related to Kerberos authentication, which provides mutual authentication using
symmetric key cryptography. Wrote significant amounts of contextual online help text that appears in the user interface.
Provided product feedback and consulted on API design. Redwood City, CA, 12/2014-present
Senior API Technical Writing Consultant @ Guidewire Software
Wrote documentation that describes the leading software suite for the insurance industry. As part of this role, became a subject
matter expert on many subsystems and APIs, and advised on API design. The Integration Guide includes detailed programmer-
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Experienced Technical Writer Resume