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Farm Lease Agreement
Farm Lease Agreement
Farm Lease Agreement
This is a Farm Lease Agreement (“Agreement”), dated as of [_________, 20__],
between [insert name of Landlord] (“Landlord), a [insert nature of party, e.g., an individual,
a corporation, a LLC], and [insert name of Tenant] (“Tenant), a [insert nature of party, e.g.,
an individual, a corporation, a LLC].
Landlord is the owner of property located in _________________ County, California
comprising approximately [_____] acres (the "Property"), which is described in more detail in
Exhibit A. Landlord and Tenant desire that Tenant lease the Property for agricultural use on the
terms set out in this Agreement.
Landlord and Tenant agree as follows:
1. Lease, Term, and Rent
1.1 Lease. Landlord leases to Tenant the Property for the use set forth in Section
1.2 Term. Tenant has the right to use the Property for one year, starting on
[_________, 20__] and ending [_________, 20__] ("Term").
1.3 Rent. Tenant will pay Landlord rent in the amount of $________ (“Rent”) for use
of the Property during the Term. Tenant will pay the first half of the Rent upon signing this
Agreement and the second half of the Rent on [insert time for second payment]. Tenant may
mail the rent or deliver it in person to Landlord. Tenant may pay in cash or by personal check or
cashier's check.
2. Use and Operations
2.1 Tenant Use. Tenant may use the Property only for the purpose of planting,
growing, and harvesting [insert type of crops].
2.2 Farming Practices. Tenant will cultivate the Property in a timely, diligent,
thorough, and farmer-like manner in accordance with good farming practices. Tenant will take
care to not cause waste or damage to the Property or create a nuisance. Tenant is responsible
for weeding, managing pests, preventing soil degradation, and irrigating responsibly.
2.3 Maintenance. Tenant will maintain the Property in a good and organized
condition, including, without limitation, free of trash, debris, and unused equipment.
2.4 Improvements. Tenant may not place sheds, hoop houses, or otherwise install
permanent or moveable structures on the Property without first obtaining Landlord’s written
approval. Landlord will not unreasonably withhold such approval.
Disclaimer: This Agreement has been prepared for general information purposes only and is intended to
provide a starting point for farmers, as they develop Agreements for use in their business. Persons relying on
such information do so entirely at their own risk. Since it is impossible to cover all legal contingencies and
provisions in every situation, please consult with a legal professional to ensure that the Agreement
accurately reflects the arrangements and relationship between the concerned parties.
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Farm Lease Agreement