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Fiction Story Outline Template
Elements of Fiction
FICTION is a story that has been made up in the author’s mind.
I. Two main forms of FICTION
A. Short Story
1. can be easily read in one sitting
2. explores one topic
B. Novel
1. takes more than one sitting to read
2. has a longer, more complicated plot
II. Four main components of FICTION
A. Plot: the events of the story
1. Five main components
a. Exposition
i. characters are introduced
ii. setting is described
b. Rising Action
i. the plot gets more intense; a conflict builds
ii. we learn more about the characters
c. Climax
i. a point of great interest
ii. often some change happens or there is a turning point
d. Falling Action
i. events that happen after the climax and before the
e. Resolution
i. happens at the end of a story
ii. all of the loose ends are tied up and the story ends
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Fiction Story Outline Template