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Fire Safety Gap Analysis
Fire Safety Gap Analysis
GAP ANALYSIS Summary Appendix A
Cathy Day Interim Head of OHSW
Current June 2015
Commitment from the top is in
The Council has identified a Health & Safety champion and Portfolio
holder at senior and Councillor level.
Suitable H&S management
system established
The Council has adopted OHSAS 18001. Accreditation under the
scheme has been achieved for one or more departments
Strategic plan in place which
identifies current position and
ambition for the future
A Health, Safety & Wellbeing Strategy was produced in 2014 and lasts
until 2019. It identifies future aims and provides an overview of how
this will be achieved
Health & Safety Policy in place.
Three parts including
Statement - commitment
Organisation - key
Arrangements how H&S will
be managed
Further policies which reflect
legislation, promote compliance
and good practice.
A Health & Safety policy is in place and approved although not yet fully
adopted. It includes the three parts required. Some addendums were
made in June 2015 to ensure greater relevance to the prevention of ill-
health. Revised policy is currently awaiting signature from PH.
The Council has a Safety Manual which includes a raft of documents
that combine policy, guidance and information.
The Health & Safety Policy to be signed by the PH and
circulated to all employees via marketing and cascade
The Safety Manual is in need of updating. It would benefit
from having separate policies, procedures, guidance and
information which are simple to understand and easy to follow
Indicators identified as to how
performance will be measured
The Council has identified 7 KPI’s to measure its H&S performance.
2 Active
5 Reactive
Reports on progress against these indicators are presented routinely
to the Health and Safety Committee.
Emergency planning clear
systems in place to prevent and
protect employees, contractors,
Fire evacuation has been delegated to Property Managers who are
required to identify a suitable system, provide training and
implement. Any evacuation procedure should take into account the
safe passage of contractors and visitors.
First aid has previously been managed by OHSW who made an
assessment of need. It doesn’t appear to have been updated since
then. Training for first aiders is managed by Organisational
Incidents are generally managed within each directorate although
major incidents are referred to OHSW for investigation and liaison
with any enforcement authority. The Security team have a first
response role at the Civic Centre.
Fire evacuation should be a high priority for the Council who
need assurance from Property Managers that the systems and
training put in place are fit for purpose.
A cross matrix audit of fire evacuation would be beneficial in
identifying areas for further development and enable any
inconsistencies or concerns to be addressed.
A review of first aid need would be useful in identifying whether
the current provision is suitable and sufficient or not.
The First Aid Policy should be updated and reflect the fact that
any significant change should trigger the review of first aid
The Council would benefit from having clear procedures in
place for the escalation of incidents to help ensure that they
are investigated appropriately where necessary. It would also
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Fire Safety Gap Analysis