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Fire Safety Gap Analysis
GAP ANALYSIS Summary Appendix A
Cathy Day Interim Head of OHSW
investigation, ill-health data,
used to inform the regular Performance Report to the Health &
Safety Committee.
Incident investigations include reports which are used by OHSW to
implement and drive change
Incident investigations not carried out by OHSW should also be the
subject of review by the directorate to ensure that changes are
implemented where necessary. This approach however means
that lessons learnt in one directorate or team may not be relayed to
others across different parts of the Council although efforts to do so
are made by members of OHSW via the Advisers.
Ill-health data is analysed by HR and by the Occupational Health
part of OHSW.
root causes of incidents.
It would also benefit from having a process whereby all
incident investigations, regardless of the directorate, is
forwarded to OHSW for review. This is common practice is
some directorates already.
Policies reviewed and revised
There is currently no active process in place for routinely reviewing
and updating Health & Safety policies.
OHSW would benefit from having a database of policies and
their review dates
A process of review and update, together with the identification
of an Adviser responsible for monitoring and performance
within OHSW would help ensure that this important area of
work is not forgotten.
A space on the intranet for policy changes would help highlight
updates to others across the Council.
A more proactive approach should also be adopted whereby
updates are highlighted by each OHSW Adviser when
attending directorate management meetings
Risk assessments reviewed and
revised routinely
There is insufficient evidence to determine whether risk assessments
are routinely reviewed and revised.
Action taken as a consequence of
audits and inspections
All audits carried out by OHSW identify key actions. These actions are
monitored by each individual Adviser
OHSW would benefit from having SMART action plans and a
process which ensures that all actions are transferred into the
actions database.
The database should be monitored both by the Adviser
responsible for Monitoring and Performance and the relevant
Regular updates as to progress against audit actions should be
provided by the Adviser to the relevant directorate at their
management meetings
Actions not undertaken in accordance with the audit should be
escalated for a decision as to whether they should be carried
out or identified as ‘no action’.
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