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Free Fishbone Diagram Template
Fishbone Diagram Template 1
Performance Enhancement Project
Enhancing Performance Under Current and Common Measures
Fishbone Diagram Exercise: Directions for Facilitators
1. Print enough fishbone diagrams for each person in the group to have three.
2. After the webinar is complete, schedule a time for your group to complete the fishbone diagram exercise
together. (We recommend doing it immediately following the webinar while the information is still fresh. The
activity needs to be completed and submitted to SPR by Friday, June 1 in preparation for the second webinar on
June 8.)
3. During the exercise, each fishbone diagram handout should be filled in with one of the issues/challenges
chosen by your group. (The issue/challenge should be filled in to the "Challenge" text box on the fishbone
diagram handout.)
4. The group should work together to identify potential contributing factors to the identified challenge. Data
sources should be identified, if possible, for more information about the contributing factor. The facilitator may
wish to copy the fishbone diagram onto a large piece of flip chart paper to allow the group to see and work
together on each issue.
5. After the group has completed one or more of the fishbone diagrams, the facilitator should arrange to type up
the results into the attached blank fishbone diagram. The completed fishbone diagram(s) should then be sent
to by Friday, June 1.
6. Vinz and Melissa will review the completed diagrams and will invite several local areas with thorough and
interesting diagrams to present their results to the rest of the webinar participants. We will put the completed
diagram on a powerpoint slide and the facilitator or other group member will be given a few minutes to present
and take questions from the SPR moderators or other participants.
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Free Fishbone Diagram Template