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Remarkable ability to work with diverse individuals and groups; work
with data of different types and purposes; and utilize a wide variety of
job related equipment.
Great Problem solving ability to analyze issues, create plans of action
and reach solutions.
Knowledge of pertinent codes, policies, regulations and laws; food safety
and handling procedures.
Mastery of the use of the Internet.
Tasty Hotels, Everett, WA2003 - Present
Assistant Food Service Manager
1. Clean utensils, equipment, and the storage, food preparation and serving
areas for the purpose of maintaining sanitary conditions.
2. Direct food service workers and other personnel as assigned for the
purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the work force and meeting shift
3. Implement menu plans for the purpose of meeting customers'
4. Inspect received items of food and supplies for the purpose of verifying
quantity, quality and specifications of orders and complying with
mandated health requirements.
5. Inventory food, condiments and supplies for the purpose of ensuring
availability of items.
6. Maintain food service equipment for the purpose of maintaining safe
operating conditions.
7. Manage site operations for the purpose of providing safe and efficient
food services in compliance with health requirements.
8. Perform functions as required of another position within area of
responsibility for the purpose of providing overall coverage of food
service operations.
9. Prepare documentation (e.g. daily menu production, quality control,
payroll, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support and conveying
10. Prepare food and beverage items for the purpose of meeting
projected meal requirements.
11. Respond to inquiries of customers, staff and the public for the
purpose of providing information and direction regarding the type and
cost of meals.
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