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Electro-Mech Scoreboard Company MP Football • Track Control Console CX_402
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Seven Ways to Stay Safe and Make Your Console Last Longer
1 - Don't remove the grounding pin from the power cord. It's there to help keep you
from getting shocked. If your receptacle only handles two-pronged power cords
then your wiring was probably installed sometime before President Hoover left
office. It's time to upgrade.
2 - Keep your console dry. We've designed our consoles with outdoor activities in
mind, but find some shelter if it is raining. The box is not waterproof. Drinks spilled
over the keypad can lead to trouble too.
3 - Unplug both the power and data cables when you are not using the console.
Noise over these cables -- either from lightning, glitches in the power line, or some
other accident -- can damage the console. Leaving the console connected 24-7 just
increases your risk of getting it fried.
4 - Store the console in a clean, dry, secure area. Leave it where somebody can
kick it, drop it, pile stuff on top of it, or steal it, and you can expect your console will
get kicked, dropped, piled on, and stolen. See also the "keep your console dry" tip
above. Neither sprinkler systems nor natural sources of precipitation are beneficial
to your control console.
5 - If you must open the console box, unplug the power and data cables. Yes, it is
possible to get shocked if you go poking around inside the console.
6 - Don't plug something into the console that doesn't belong there. Those stereo
connectors in the back plate of the console are the same kind used by audio
equipment. The RJ-45 connectors for the hand-held devices are the same type you
often see in wired computer networks. Accidently plugging an audio amplifier or
Ethernet access point into your scoreboard control console can cause problems --
both to your console and to your audio and networking equipment. A common
mistake we see our customers make is to accidentally plug public address
equipment into the junction box that leads to the scoreboard. This often fries
components in the scoreboard.
7 - Check out your equipment before game day. We're always happy to answer
questions, walk you through solutions, repair damage, or send replacement parts.
But if your game starts in ten minutes, there is often not much we can do to help
you. Make sure your scoreboard is in good working order a few days before the
game so that, however unlikely the chance of a problem, there will be time to solve
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