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Football Scoreboard Software
Electro-Mech Scoreboard Company MP Football • Track Control Console CX_402
Revised 2011-September-22 Page 6
Hooking Up and Powering Up the Console and Accessories
1 - Apply power to the scoreboard.
2 - Place the console on a sturdy desk or table so that you have a clear view of the
game's action as well as the console's keypad and LCD screen. You may hold the
console in your lap, if you find it comfortable that way.
3 - Attach hand-held devices. You may have an
external switch to start and stop the Game
Clock on the scoreboard. You may also have
a three-button device to control Play Clocks
(also called Delay of Game Timers, 25-
second Clocks, etc.). These devices plug
into the RJ-45 connectors on the console's
back plate. It does not matter which device is
connected to which RJ-45 socket.
4 - Attach one end of the stereo data cable to one of the four data output connectors on
the back plate of the console. Your console may have two outputs designated for
the scoreboard and two for Play Clocks or other optional displays. It doesn't really
make a difference; all four outputs are the same. If you have multiple displays, go
ahead and hook them up to whichever outputs are convenient.
5 - Attach the other end of the stereo data cable to the junction box. If you have more
than one scoreboard or optional display, each one will typically have its own
junction box and its own stereo data cable. If you have the ScoreLink wireless RF
system, refer to the ScoreLink owner's handbook for details.
6 - Plug in the console power cable to a standard electrical outlet.
About one out of every few hundred customers asks us the question, "How do you turn
the console on and off" There is no power button on the console. If it's plugged in, it's
on. The logic here is that, for most installations, the scoreboard is not used very often.
During the down time, the console needs to be disconnected from the scoreboard and
from power to prevent damage from line noise and power surges. A power switch
would discourage that good habit and provide a false sense of security.
Likewise, the scoreboard should be disconnected from power when not in use.
Therefore the console has no means of turning the scoreboard on or off. However, a
freshly powered on scoreboard will display no information until it receives a good signal
from the control console. So in order to "turn on" the scoreboard display, you have to
power up and connect the control console.
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Football Scoreboard Software