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Football Scoreboard Software
Electro-Mech Scoreboard Company MP Football • Track Control Console CX_402
Revised 2011-September-22 Page 7
Control Console Initialization
Be quick. You only have about three seconds to see the splash screen when your
console powers up. It should look like this:
The splash screen is telling you four things:
The software author -- ELECTRO-MECH
The software version -- 402
The selected scoreboard type -- FOOTBALL_1
The selected option jumpers -- E = 5-Digit Track Clock
This information is important for diagnostics, and you can get back to this splash screen
by pressing [NEW GAME] [1] [ENTER] on the keypad. If you see something different
on your display, either this is the wrong owner's handbook for you or your console is not
configured to the expected standard.
If your console has data from the previous game, you will be prompted to restore that
data. Press [1] [ENTER] to reload the old Scores and other information. Press [0]
[ENTER] to clear out memory and start over fresh. If you do not respond to this prompt,
the console will restore the previous game data automatically after a few seconds.
1=YES 0=NO <1>
If your console was previously in Practice Segment Timer mode, you will be prompted
to restore the Practice Segment Timer Program you were running when you unplugged
the console.
1=YES 0=NO <1>
This document will discuss the Practice Segment Timer Mode in detail a few pages
later. For now, let's focus on how the console behaves in Football Mode and assume
you are starting with new data rather than restoring a game.
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