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Foreign Travel Certification Template
Foreign Travel Certification Template
Foreign Travel Certification
In accordance with VCU policy, the traveler must complete and sign this form in all instances where foreign
business travel and annual/personal leave are combined. The traveler must submit the signed form with their
TA (Travel Authorization).
Treasury Regulations § 1.274-4 requires that certain foreign travel expenses be allocated between nontaxable
business expenses of the University and taxable income to the traveler, unless a specific exception is met.
The IRS requires this certification to avoid allocation of foreign travel expenses if:
1. The trip is greater than seven days in length (excluding the day of departure and counting the return
day), AND
2. Twenty-five percent or more of the days spent on the trip are non-business days (both departure and
return days are considered business days).
A day is considered a business day if the business activity requires you to be at a specific foreign location on
that day. Weekends and holidays are considered business days if the day before the weekend or holiday and
the day after require you be at a specific foreign location to conduct business activities on those days.
If the personal (non-business) portion of the trip is a major consideration of the travel, expenses
reimbursed by the University will be reported as taxable income to the traveler.
For more information on the requirements please see the Treasury Regulations §1.274-4.
Purpose of trip
Date of departure
Date of return
I hereby certify that the personal (non-business) portion of this trip was was not a major consideration
of making the trip. I understand that this certification is being furnished to VCU to document the business
purpose of the trip under Treasury Regulation §1.274(f)(5)(ii).
Signed Date
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Foreign Travel Certification Template