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Forest Certification Work Instruction Template Page 2
Forest Certification Work Instruction Template
1.2 Management Review Process
5) The Management Review Report will include a report of management actions immediately taken to
address audit results, will cite non-conformance issues, and report other significant findings.
3. Implementing Improvements:
a. Whenever possible, immediate changes will be made to remedy identified non-conformances.
b. The Forest Certification Team (FCT) will be responsible for:
1) Reviewing and providing recommendations for revisions to Forest Certification Work Instructions to
the Management Review Team;
2) Developing recommendations for addressing internal and external audit findings to the Management
Review Team; and
3) Supporting the Management Review Team by identifying other opportunities and actions to improve
sustainable management of forest resources and conformity with certification standards.
4) Providing input to the themes or issues for focus of the internal audits.
c. An Executive Committee of the FCT is responsible for making higher level decisions for issues such as
the review and implementation of FSC and SFI Forest Management Standards, which do not require the
attention of the entire FCT.
d. The RBMT will identify changes and improvements necessary at all DNR levels to continually improve
conformance with work instructions via a written annual communication to all employees.
e. Division Chiefs will ensure changes and improvements approved by the RBMT are implemented.
Scope: (All State Forest Land and Affected Divisions): State Forest Land Other:
Responsibility and Role: (Staff who will implement or supervise this instruction)
Job Title/Division
Resource Bureau Management Team
Approve the annual Management Review Report
Management Review Team
Conduct an annual management review; identify changes and
improvements necessary to improve forest management. Designate
which FMUs or state forest related programs will be audited each year.
Internal Auditors
Conduct annual internal audits and recommend improvements to
internal audit process.
Field/Basin Coordinators / FRD, WD,
Implement changes and improvements into field operations.
Division Chief / FRD, WD, PRD, FD
Review draft compliance reports, provide recommendations for
incorporation into final report. Implement improvements recommended
at state and regional levels via written communications with employees.
Forest Certification Team
Coordinate ongoing management review implementation. Recommend
actions necessary to improve sustainable forest management.
Forest Certification Coordinator / FRD
Oversee and support internal audit process and auditor training.
Conduct annual management review. Prepare draft and final
management review reports.
District Supervisors/ FRD, WD, PRD,
Monitor implementation of internal and external audit corrective action
plans, and report pending or continuing non-conformance at the annual
management review
Training/Skills: (Those required to accomplish work instruction)
Brief Description of Skill or Course
Exists/ New
Internal Auditor Training
Train select DNR staff in forest certification audit procedures to meet
forest certification standards
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Forest Certification Work Instruction Template