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Formal Invitation Letter Template
Formal Invitation Letter
Mr. Wesley,
Head of marketing department,
SET Consultancy Services,
Mr. Lewinsky,
Marketing manager,
SET Consultancy Services,
Dear Mr. Lewinsky,
I, Mr. Wesley, the head of the marketing department for the SET Consultancy
Services, am writing this letter as an invitation to you for the annual get together of
the employees of the SET Consultancy Services. This get together has until now
been concentrated for the heads of the various departments for our firm. However,
the current year has brought in this favorable change where the firm authorities
have realized that managers are the people responsible for successful execution of
all the plans which they plan out; and they deserve to be a part of this get together.
You are requested to be accompanied by your wife. The firm authorities also wish to
announce the name of the employee to whom the ‘Best Employee of the Year’ title
is to be awarded. I am hopeful that your name floats from the nomination list to
coveted position. Looking forward for the get together,
Yours sincerely,
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Formal Invitation Letter Template