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Format of Minutes
Arrangement of Formal Minutes
The following items are generally included in formal minutes:
1. Kind of meeting (regular, special, general, etc.)
2. Day, date, time, and place of meeting.
3. The word “Minutes” in the heading.
4. Name of meeting body.
5. Opening paragraph, i.e., The Board of Directors of Company Name met for (kind
of meeting) on day, date, and time at address, etc.
6. Members present. Begin with the presiding officer or chairman.
7. Members absent.
8. Guests and staff present.
9. Time the presiding officer calls the meeting to order.
10. Statement that notice had been duly mailed, etc.
11. Presence of a quorum.
12. Action taken on the last meeting’s Minutes.
13. Treasurer’s report.
14. Executive officer’s report.
15. Committee reports.
16. Election report.
17. Other current business.
18. Old business
19. New business
20. Adjournment – Day, date, and time of next meeting, if announced.
21. Signature line for individual signing the minutes.
No complimentary closing.
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Format of Minutes