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Free Ceo Resume Templates
Free Ceo Resume Templates
Paul Goldfarb 404 . 555 . 1922 /
Delivering impossible advances in key operational imperatives Atlanta, GA area
Dynamic take-charge change agent offering striking success propelling entrepreneurial startups
and turning around mid-size companies through major global corporations with multiple locations
worldwide. Directly managed up to 1,500+ employees with operating budgets over $150 million. Broad
experience leading multiple technical and operational system conversions.
A stealth leader and synergist, I connect downward, upward, and across to design business models and
systems conversions that actualize the value. Maximizing management by walking around”, I champion,
energize, and unify all stakeholders. My strength is delivering the highest possible ROI, banking on the
best cost basis.
Expertise & Critical Contributions
Strategic Planning & Execution Crisis & Turnaround Management
Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Best-In-Class Customer Service Models
Budget Planning, Development & Control Operational & Financial Risk Management
Cost Reductions with Quality Improvement Continuous Process Improvement
Staff Development & Turnover Reduction Knowledge Programs
Client Value-Focused Business Consolidations & Integrations
Spearheading continuous process improvements across all global business units (IT, HR,
P&L, accounting, administration, legal, customer service). Increased revenue by 20%; improved
quality metrics 23%; improved profit margin from 0 to 15% in 3 years; reduced costs over 25%; and
increased net profit of operating divisions by 15 - 20%.
Benchmarking customer-focused organizations that truly understand the customer and
exceed their needs. Increased customer base while improving service quality beyond expectations.
Won “Best in Class” for telephone service and correspondence 3 years straight.
Pioneering value-added staff models to incentivize and engage everyone in the mission.
Mentor young through senior talent, aligning organizational needs with each player’s needs. Reduced
employee turnover by 50% while greatly improving metrics.
Delivering outstanding P&L / financial / fiscal planning and control. Reduced YOY cost per
production unit while increasing quality per unit. Established few but meaningful fiscal metrics. 30+
years financial services industry experience. Certified Mutual Fund Specialist. Previously held
securities licenses: 6, 7, 24, 26, 27 and 63.
CEO Summit Business Strategies, Atlanta, GA 2006 to Present
Delivering management consulting and organizational strategy development to drive change management
and improvements in communications, strategic execution, leadership development, corporate
governance, risk management, and procedural compliance. Specializing in Financial Services.
Propelling entrepreneurial ventures, corporations of all sizes, C-Officers, and Boards of Directors
to thrive and reach the next level of success.
Business Center of Excellence Parthenon design the planks and pillars that create thriving,
profitable organizations. Integrate customer service programs, leadership/vision planning, meaningful
metrics, employee tools, and marketing programs, complemented by the resources, assets, and talent
to execute winning models.
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Free Ceo Resume Templates