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harmless from and against all fines, forfeitures, seizures, confiscations and
penalties arising out of any violations.
4.02. Lessor shall be solely responsible to provide maintenance and repairs,
except as otherwise provided in Section 4.03 below, including all labor and parts
that may be required to keep the Equipment in good operating condition on a
continuous basis.
Operation by Authorized Operator
4.03. Prior to installation of the Equipment, Lessee agrees to identify to Lessor
at least two employees or agents of Lessee that will be available for training and
instruction on the proper operation of the Equipment by Lessor at the time of
installation of the Equipment (following completion of such training, each such
employee or agent shall be an “Authorized Operator”). Lessee shall notify Lessor
as soon as reasonably practicable if an Authorized Operator leaves the employ
or agency of Lessee. In such event, Lessee and Lessor shall make
arrangements for an additional training session to replace such Authorized
Operator. Lessee shall not allow any other employees or agents of Lessee,
other than the Authorized Operators, to operate or handle the Equipment at any
time. Lessee shall reimburse Lessor for any required repairs to the Equipment
due to damages caused by improper or negligent operation of the Equipment by
Lessee’s employees or agents and promises to indemnify and hold Lessor
harmless from and against any other damages or injuries caused by such
improper or negligent operation of the Equipment by Lessee’s employees or
4.04. Lessor shall carry a general liability insurance policy.
Provision of Electricity
4.05. Lessee is responsible for providing, and installing if necessary, a dedicated
electrical outlet on Lessee’s premises to supply electricity to the Equipment.
Lessee is responsible for payment of all electricity charges associated with
running the Equipment. Failure of Lessee to provide electricity for the Equipment
shall not extend the Lease term set forth in Article 1 above nor suspend Lessee’s
responsibility to make the rental payments due and payable hereunder.
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