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Free Hr Strategic Plan Template Page 6
Free Hr Strategic Plan Template
1. As HR’s way of partnering with our line counterparts, we have identified specific skills
and behaviors that target participants need to demonstrate after the training. We have
made these expectations clear with the training providers and asked them to customize
their training designs to meet these expectations.
2. HR and/or Training Providers shall give a thorough briefing to concerned managers
about the training so managers can better appreciate the content of the course and how
they can support the demonstration of desired behaviors and performance.
3. Each participant is required to complete and submit to their managers a training
completion report that we shall call a “Forward Agenda.” This report contains a
participant’s commitment to identify an opportunity to apply the learning at work, and
then later report the result to the manager. It is the responsibility of the manager to
demand the completion of the said report to motivate the participants to demonstrate the
desired behaviors.
4. Facilitators shall be required to submit a comprehensive report about the training and the
participants. The report shall contain highlights of the training, the facilitators’
observations and their recommendations on how the managers will be able to support
the training.
5. In order to encourage employees to demonstrate the desired behaviors, merit points
shall be added to their performance appraisal as a result of the completion of their
forward agenda. There will also be additional merit points given to managers for
successfully coaching their direct reports to demonstrate the behaviors the participants
learned in the training.
6. HR shall encourage the use of various learning approaches to suit the participants’
learning styles. We shall allocate budget for purchase of needed books and other forms
of self-paced learning media to help learners who prefer those approaches. Employees
may opt-out of traditional classroom approaches, and use other learning sources. When
they are ready, they will be asked to prepare a forward agenda as a result of their
learning through the mode they chose and go through the same process as those who
attended classroom training.
7. Line Managers and HR shall partner in maintaining individualized training plan to ensure
that individuals are following their respective plans for achieving their career
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Free Hr Strategic Plan Template