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Free Online Marketing Proposal Word Download
What is SEO
SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of altering a page’s text and HTML coding to be
relevant for specific, targeted keyword phrases. A keyword phrase must be present on the page
in various places for that page to rank in the search engine for that particular keyword. A page
may be ranked for several different keywords.
A keywords search in a search engine may product 30,000 results, but visitors rarely go beyond
the first two result pages. It’s very important that you rank high enough to appear in the top 20
results. Search engines use a formula to decide which pages best fit for a particular search and
therefore where your pages will rank.
Search engines look at both on-site and off-site factors when determining your page rank. SEO
deals with improving the on-site factors. Building a search engine friendly site begins by choosing
the right keywords to incorporate into the website. Second, you need to structure your HTML to
make it inviting to the search engines so they can find your keywords. Third, create keyword rich
content for the search engines to index.
SEO is an ongoing process. It may take 3-6 months to get ranked for certain keywords and then
even longer to get a top 20 listing. You may have to experiment with different combinations of
keywords to get the rankings your want. Also, search engines often change their relevancy
formulas and you may need to adjust your website just to maintain your current rankings.
Unethical SEO
Marketers are constantly trying to fool the search engines into giving them a better ranking.
Search engines constantly change their ranking formula to increase relevancy and eliminate
marketers looking for shortcuts. Some of these techniques will work for a time, but rarely long
term. If search engines catch you using these methods they can lower your rankings, drop your
pages from their index, and in extreme cases, ban your website. Here are some of the techniques
that you’ll see advertised.
1. CloakingEach search engine sends out a robot to spider your website. A cloaker
records the IP address of the robot and then feeds the robot a different page than what a
regular viewer sees.
2. Doorway pagesAlso known as gateway, doorway, frame pages, or poor man’s cloaking.
You create a page with very specific keyword density and submit it with a redirect to your
regular site. These pages are generally very ugly and would never pass human scrutiny.
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