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Free Vehicle Lease Agreement Template Page 3
Free Vehicle Lease Agreement Template
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Copyright Curtin University Of Technology April 2001 V1.2 Employees Initials_______
4.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Employee
agrees to be bound and to remain bound by the Motor
Vehicle Agreement upon signing this Agreement.
4.2 The Motor Vehicle Agreement may be terminated by
the Employee giving notice in terms of sub-clause
9.1(a) provided that such notice is given prior to the
University being bound to a Vehicle Supplier in respect
of the provision of a Vehicle for the Employee.
4.3 Prior to the delivery of a Vehicle, the University will
provide a Motor Vehicle Schedule to the Employee
setting out the following:
Vehicle make and model
Registration number
Vehicle Supplier
Commencement date
Expiry date
Fringe Benefit Tax Amount
Agreed kilometre target to achieve scheduled
Fringe Benefit Tax amount
5.1 It is agreed that the Vehicle is provided to the
Employee for private use subject to it being used by the
Employee on University business as and when
required. The use of the vehicle on University business
shall not give rise to a claim for reimbursement of
petrol expense or a claim for reimbursement based on
kilometres travelled on University business.
6.1 The Employee acknowledges that all maintenance and
running costs of the Vehicle (including but not limited
to registration fees, insurance premiums, minor repairs,
servicing and fuel) incurred during the Term may be
deducted via Salary Sacrifice in accordance with the
terms of the Agreement unless the parties otherwise
6.2 The Employee agrees that they are responsible for all
and any Fringe Benefits Tax, Goods and Services Tax
and any other government taxes, levies or duties arising
from the provision or disposal of the Vehicle.
6.3 The University acknowledges that an Employee may
wish to make a “recipient contribution” from after tax
salary to the running cost of the vehicle. The level of
“recipient contribution” will be assessed by the
Financial consultant. The agreed “recipient
contribution” will be directed by the University to
negate the University’s obligation to Fringe Benefit
Tax on the salary packaged motor vehicle providing
that the necessary “recipient contribution” is received
in full prior to the 31
March of the Fringe Benefit Tax
7.1 The Employee acknowledges and accepts that the safe
custody and authorised use of any fuel card issued to
them is their responsibility.
7.2 The Employee acknowledges and accepts that they are
liable for all amounts shown on their fuel card
statement including any card issuing or other fees.
7.3 The Employee agrees to notify the fuel card issuer
immediately they become aware of the loss, theft or the
possibility of the unauthorised use of any fuel card
issued to them under this Agreement.
7.4 The Employee agrees to be bound by the fuel card
issuer's terms and conditions of use and to immediately
notify the fuel card issuer of any change in their name
or address.
7.5 The Employee acknowledges and accepts that the fuel
card may only be used to purchase fuel and oil for the
salary packaged vehicle. Any breach of this clause will
result in the fuel card being withdrawn from the
Employees use immediately.
8.1 The Employee agrees to keep the Vehicle
comprehensively insured at all times as required by the
8.2 The Employee declares that the information given in an
insurance declaration to an insurer is true and correct .
8.3 Where prescribed, the Employee agrees to follow the
accident procedures and police reporting guidelines
advised from time to time by the insurer, and to advise
the insurer and the University immediately of any
damage to the Vehicle.
8.4 The Employee acknowledges that they have been
provided with a copy of the Insurance Policy and that
consistent with general insurance company practices,
hereby acknowledges that the Vehicle's insurance cover
may not extend to:
(a) claims arising whilst driving the Vehicle under
the influence of or when impaired by any drug or
intoxicating liquor; or
(b) claims arising from using the vehicle in an
unroadworthy or dangerous condition; or
(c) claims arising from any unlicensed person driving
the vehicle with the Employee's consent; or
(d) claims for damage to a motor vehicle that has
been returned to the lease company at the
conclusion of the lease.
Full particulars of the above and all other exclusions
are set out in the Policy document.
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