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Freelance Proofreader Resume
Freelance Proofreader Resume
David Kaplan 083 659 4047
083 659 4047
Profile A passionate bookworm with a lifelong love for reading, I am always on
the lookout for new editorial opportunities to make full use of my
existing skills and experience. These include an excellent command of
the English language and a very accurate eye for detail, particularly
grammatical errors and inconsistencies; flexibility in adapting to
editorial challenges as and when they arise; the ability to improve the
flow and readability of any written work without altering the overall
tone and style of the author; and the ability to prioritise work
effectively and handle multiple projects simultaneously.
I am also a highly self-motivated individual able to work independently
and unsupervised on my own accord, including weekends and public
holidays if necessary. In addition, I am an out-the-box thinker always
seeking ways to simplify and improve any task that I have been
entrusted with, as well as offering free advice wherever this might
assist or add any value.
Finally, you can rest assured of absolute confidentiality with regards to
all projects sent my way, including signing any non-disclosure forms if
Please note however that I am only willing to work remotely and in
silence, since an office environment poses too many distractions.
Proofreading Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)
Experience Climate Change Education
Penguin Books (South Africa)
When Money Destroys Nations
Africa's Third Generation
Don’t film yourself having sex
Get That Feeling
How to Look After Bert Reynolds
Nothing Left to Steal
Sex Addiction
Transkei Run
UKZN Press, Books
Prodigal Daughters: Stories of South African Women in Exile
Momentum: South African Writing
Politics of Climate Justice
Toxic Futures
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Freelance Proofreader Resume