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Freelance Writer Resume
Freelance Writer Resume
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Eight years of editorial experience in the area of print and online technical communication.
Appointed chief coordinator on the A. Datum Corporation Editorial Board.
Developed, researched, and delivered on time the A. Datum Corporation Style Guide.
Wrote specifications for the Editorial Request Tool, an innovative design using Microsoft Visual
Basic to enable the efficient submission of requests to the A. Datum Corporation Editorial Board.
For more than four years, managed the editorial department at Consolidated Messenger, which
consisted of four employees who provided editorial coverage to the company’s then 21 writers.
Professional Experience
Technical Editor IIIA. Datum Corporation, [City, ST] [Month, Year] Present
Develop and publish editorial procedures to support the more than 80 writers who document
peer-to-peer services and network strategies in the e-commerce space.
Specify and prototype tools to increase editorial efficiently in the workplace, and work directly
with writing teams to develop customer-focused content.
Maintain the editorial schedule and ensure that the six editors on my team have sufficient work.
Collaborate across teams to share information and coordinate on new ideas at the weekly
editorial board meetings.
Managing EditorConsolidated Messenger, [City, ST] [Month, Year][Month, Year]
Edited content, managed four editors, and provided usability feedback for Web site development
projects that showcased the company’s business-to-business wireless services.
Projects EditorLitware, Inc., [City, ST] [Month, Year][Month, Year]
Researched, wrote, and edited content for the department’s Web site. Conducted usability
studies on the site and provided troubleshooting assistance as needed.
Freelance WriterBaldwin Museum of Science, [City, ST] [Month, Year] [Month, Year]
Interviewed specialists in scientific areas and wrote informative articles on current scientific
practices and theory as they pertained to the mission of the museum.
Purchased articles were printed in the quarterly 32-page magazine published by the museum.
Freelance EditorLucerne Publishing, [City, ST] [Month, Year][Month, Year]
Wrote and edited feature news articles and press releases for daily metropolitan newspaper
under stringent deadlines. Highlights include covering the North Carolina Incident.
Programming and Software Skills
Microsoft Visual Basic, HTML, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Adobe PhotoShop and
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Freelance Writer Resume