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Functional CV
Functional CV
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CV template
Below you will find a template, followed by a good example, of a functional CV.
This CV format emphasises your skills and experience first, before listing your career history. It
can be a good approach to use if you are applying for a job in a different area to your most
recent role, or if you have had a long career break and want to avoid this leaping out at the
start of your CV.
Your contact details telephone (home and/or mobile) / email (home and/or work)
(can be written across the page to save space)
Personal profile
(Your attention grabber should be the top 4 or 5 things about you that are most relevant to
the job you’re applying for. Avoid general statements about personal qualities e.g. good team
player, as these look bland).
Key skills and achievements
(These should relate to skills in the job advert /description. Remember to include evidence
it must be more than a list of headings!)
First skill e.g. Organisation
Second skill e.g. Communication and influencing
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Functional CV